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The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 5

Accidentally deleted my Day 5 post! Will try and recall what I had written last night but hadn’t published.. I am happy and grateful for: 1. My conversation with Kiran: Kiran and I had a cleansing and deep conversation. Thank you K for being the space that you are for me. I am so glad … Continue reading

The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 3

It’s Day 3. I have had a really reflective and insightful day. This post might sound like I am stating the obvious – but sometimes the insights are just sitting right under your nose, and you look all over the city to find them. I already feel a big shift in my thoughts.. I am … Continue reading

The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 2

Day 2 – and going strong 🙂 Today, I am thankful for: 1. The 20-odd volunteers that turned up for the Freedom Under Construction induction: It’s nice to see young (-er) people who are interested in acts of nation-building. Some of them have already made small contributions such as organizing blood-donation camps, one of them … Continue reading

Listening – with my heart!

Before I went for Kiran Gulrajani’s Tao of Facilitation, I thought an effective communicator is one who can speak his/her idea with clarity and that was enough.. to communicate thoughts, feelings and sometimes even emotions. At the time I didn’t even know that communicating had so many layers to it – one of the main … Continue reading

The Perfect Illusion

Don’t be too quick to judge Get off your high horse! My, my! Someone’s snappy today.. What a snob! Elitist! All words/phrases used to describe me.. Why am I these things? Because I don’t want you to see the real me. Just another human being that I am – I find it easier to judge … Continue reading

The Honeymoon has ended.. and how!

So I was going along life as usual – feeling sad, victimized, blaming circumstances for my failures, being competitive, jealous, self-righteous.. you get the picture. Till some ex Buddhist monk came along with his “Happiest Day of Your Life” workshop. So yeah you go for it partly out of curiosity wondering if everyday of your life can … Continue reading

Law of Attraction..

Long overdue.. Incident 1 (the trigger): I get to know about a workshop that’s going to take place and the teacher tells me that it would be good for me to do it. I am super interested and also super curious.. the fee is something that seems out of reach at the moment.. but I … Continue reading

Law of attraction at work!

I think this is the first post I have that’s of an informal nature.. let’s see how it goes. In the past 2-3 days the law of attraction (LOA) has been really working for me! I am sure it always has been but I haven’t been consciously creating or manifesting. And it took one incident … Continue reading

What I learned from Raj Mali..

This note could be titled what I learned from life, what I learned during my inner reflections or introspection or even what I learnt by observing myself. The reason I titled it so, is because the person who taught me how to really observe myself and my life is Raj. My conversations with Raj happen … Continue reading