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I came across this poem by Khalil Gibran and it’s just beautiful. I have never seen marriage described in such a way before… and every word touches my heart. It’s from his book ‘The Prophet’.  Read and enjoy! You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when white wings … Continue reading

Whatsoe’er thy heart..

If thou seekest gold, To this thy life is sold; If thy greed be bread, By that thy soul is led. Learn this subtlety: Let it be known to thee, Whatsoe’er thy heart Is set on, that thou are. ~Rumi Translated by A. J. Arberry

Kya Aisa Ho Sakta Hai?

Mujhe lagta tha ki zamaana mujh pe hasta hai, Sochti thi kyu dil har cheez mein phasta hai, Yeh rishtey, naatey, dost, bhai sab kya hain? Kya yeh sirf dil pe ek bala hain? Lekin ab dil kuch aur hi kehta hai, Pata nahi mera dhyaan kahan rehta hai.. Ab bhi kuch cheezein samajh mein … Continue reading

Who is God? What is Life?

God is my Father, He is my Friend He is everything, not just a means to an end. ‘Cos the end’s not important, it’s really the journey that we’re on It’s where we are now, not where we’ve already gone. It’s all really simple if we will only flow Life’s not complicated, only we make … Continue reading

Hold It Lightly..

Hold it lightly, hold it lightly you say… How can I? I ask, there is so much to say.. My fingers tremble and I shake with joy, What a beautiful discovery, Oh boy! But we can only create when we know That it’s not me, it’s just the flow.. It comes from deep within me … Continue reading

So much love…

So much love.. so much to see.. It’s in me and around me.. I feel it so strong, A voice inside tells me – there’s nothing wrong, nothing wrong.. It all flows, it must be divine.. I have never felt so clear, so sublime. The skies seem bluer, the trees greener, The world seems more … Continue reading

Dil Ki Awaz

Itne sawaal hai mere dil mein jaage tumse milne ke baad, Kyunki dil dhoondh raha tha woh aaina jo mujhe apne asli chehre se mila de, Tumko sunayee di meri dil ki awaaz, woh tadap, woh pukaar, Jab se tum aaye ho zindagi mein hardam sunaayee deti hai geeton ki jhankaar, Kyunki is asli chehre … Continue reading